May 6

noun: a belief you feel bad about, but treat as fact anyway.

usage: Ok son, don’t assume these large black men walking towards us in the alley are going to rob us, that is just a stereotype. But if they look towards us, you are on your own, because I’m effing sprinting out of here.

May 5

noun: A substance found in my body in large quantities prior to dancing, also prior to vomiting.

usage: Let me take one last shot of alcohol and then prepare to be amazed at my dancing skills. They must be laughing because I’m so awesome.

May 4

noun: An unexplainable force that causes roads to become deadlocked. Often seen near fender benders that have moved completely off the road, and semi-trucks.

usage: Man that traffic was horrible, thank God it is clearing up, I wonder what caused it? Oh well, let me slow down and look at these people on the side of the road.

May 2
Definition: Email
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noun: The best excuse for failing on work obligations

usage: What?? We had a meeting today and I was supposed to present?  Did you invite me through email? Oh, yep that must have been it, my email has been screwing up all week.  I tried to send you a document yesterday, did you get it?  Yeah, see, our email server sucks.

May 1
Definition: Empire
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noun: A style/waist of dress that looks horrible on absolutely everyone.  Often goes with pointy witch shoes.

usage: Hey Greg, look at this Empire-waisted dress I just bought.  For some reason, me and all of my female friends love it, what do you think? Hey Greg, why are you crying?  Please don’t leave, I’ll wear something else.