Jesus cures the sick

My wife Janet has been sick/in the hospital with a pretty serious, and as yet unknown, illness since 2 Wednesday’s ago. In order to streamline the update process, I wanted to throw up a quick blog where I could post her status. At first I just added a page on my current blog called Janet’s Status. I did this because I already have wordpress installed, and it was just config changes. Then I got to thinking about it and decided because most of the people wanting her status were religious, I should create a new blog so that they wouldn’t wander on to my blog and see my posts that were derisive toward religion.

Let me repeat that. Because I was afraid to make a page showing Janet’s recovery status anywhere near my religious opinions, I spent an extra effort setting up a new domain name, new wordpress installation and new database. Now granted, that stuff took maybe 20 minutes so it’s not like I moved a mountain, but still I am a little disappointed in myself for giving deference once again to religion. If I had posted anti-nascar or anti-baseball (check) then I wouldn’t have had any problem if someone stumbled on my opinions.

That being said, most of the comments (greater than 90%) referenced god/jesus/religion in one form or another. It still surprises me how much religion comes to the forefront during times of crisis. I knew most of our friends/familly considered themselves christian, but I was still amazed how the focus of most comments was praying, etc.

Apparently Jesus hated Janet for a week and a half and, only after enough praying, was convinced to finally stop punishing her. Everyone prays for Jesus to heal, but no one acknowledges the fact that if Jesus exists and controls illness, then he is just a flat out asshole for making her so incredibly sick for over a week.

Don’t get me wrong, Janet and I both very much appreciated everyone’s comments and nice, encouraging words. We have a large and supporting network of friends, family, family friends, and friend’s families. So many people offered to help any way they could/we needed. Fortunately things went smoothly enough that I didn’t have to take too many people up on that offer. It was just a snap back to reality in seeing so many references to religion.

I don’t think I really have a point here, just wanted to voice my surprise at the pervasiveness of religion. I guess I had been living in my own atheistic world, and having religion affront me so blatantly was unexpected and almost offensive. I guess I just found the point I thought I didn’t have – now that I have rambled on so much – so here it is:

I went out of my way to hide my atheistic religious views so as not to accidentally offend people, and those exact people were very quick to voice their christian religious opinions without a second thought. Why the double standard? I guess that it usually the way it is with majority/minority opinions. It’s ok to voice your opinion as long as it is in the majority.

Feel free to comment and let me know if you would have handled it any differently.


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  1. residentoddball Says:

    Unfortunately, I think I would have done the same thing you did — go through the extra trouble in advance to avoid the possible flack and grief received later.
    I truly believe that the only way the minority opinion can move from minority to majority is for those who hold it to stand up for it, but as we know, that is much easier said than done.
    Similarly, I’ve been feeling the double standard on political issues lately, rather than the religious ones. I really want to put an Obama sign in my yard to show my support for him in this year’s race. However, I have concern that all the right-wingers in my neighborhood will “attack” me somehow, anything from something mild like toilet-papering my trees to something much worse like slashing my tires or damaging my house. So I refrain from putting out the sign.
    Yet, as I walk through my neighborhood, I see sign after sign for McCain/Palin, and even the republican state senator running for re-election. So like you said, there’s no hesitation to show support when you are in agreement with the majority. But when you fall outside of it, it’s not so easy to, well, show how you think or what you believe.
    I’ll make you a deal: if you put your Janet’s status posts along side your other posts, I’ll put a sign in my yard. And we’ll see what happens! :)

  2. meezy Says:

    Well, Janet is better so I don’t have any reason for her site anymore. I did want to put on my last post “thanks for all the well wishes, i’d still take medicine over jesus anyday” but i wussed out and just said “thanks”. I have a similar political problem as well, most of Janet’s family is hardcore republican, so I just don’t get in to those sorts of conversations with them

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