Aug 18

Completely ignoring my last post, which said I will make more technical posts, here is an opinionated post about the world.

There are several instances of our society putting pressure on schools/parents/<insert authority figure> to coddle people.  Give everyone a participation award.  No one gets first place because that singles out the losers.  Don’t make Fatty McFat Fat take responsibility for eating McDonalds everyday, it’s McD’s fault.  I sneezed, I better take 15 prescription drugs that are advertised to me.  My kid doesn’t like homework, better give him some medication.

These are all instances of fail on a national level.  But this isn’t even the worst of it.  It is one thing to ignore the fact that some people are losers, but even worse, now we award it.

First example, congratulating people who fuck up really badly but it could have been a little worse.  A SWAT team raids the wrong house and the home owner, rightfully so, thinks his family is being robbed.  He freaks out (probably shits his pj’s) and shoots at them, giving minor injuries to 3 officers (shrapnel hit their protective gear).  Then the SWAT team gets honored for performing bravely under fire.  Let’s break this down.  SWAT team makes huge effin mistake and raids an innocent person’s home.  This is breaking the law last time I checked.  Otherwise we should just let the police raid any home they want, and then if they don’t find anything “oh my bad, I meant to raid a drug dealer’s house.  As you were little 9 y.o. girl who will have nightmares for the rest of her life”.  Next, super luckily, no one was killed on either side.  At this point the right thing to do is to say “We owe this family some sort of restitution, the people involved with the mixup need to be punished, and we need to change certain protocols to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”  Instead they said “sorry we F’d your house and life, but our guys did a great job of not killing you, so we will give them awards”.  This is like congratulating someone who has already shit their pants for not shitting them the second time.

Next example, congratulating people on a miraculous acheivement when they totally fuck up, but then make a turn around.  This one is slightly different from the previous one because these people are celebrated more than someone who doesn’t fuck up and is just a badass from the beginning.  These stories usually have jesus, a warm cup of cocoa and crying.  Josh Hamilton was a good baseball player.  Then he F’d over his life by doing drugs.  Then through the graciousness of jesus (who apparently hated Josh for a while when he made him do drugs and ruin his life) he was able to come back and be an above average baseball player.  Therefore JOSH HAMILTON ROCKS!!!!!!  I gotta be honest, I didn’t completely read this story because it has my 3 least favorite things in the world: baseball, rewarding shittiness, and attributing only good things to religion.  But let’s break down what I skimmed over.  Everyone thought J.H. would be the shit so he was drafted high.  He did ok, but didn’t amount to much because he did drugs all the time (OMG he has 26 tattoos).  Bottom line, as much shit as this guy got in to, he should be in jail.  Illegal drugs, drunk driving, drug suspensions from MLB.  Instead, he is now back to playing decent baseball for a decent (tettering on 500) team.  He did hit 28 homeruns in one round of the home run derby, only to lose (but he got congrationlations on losing, see last example).  If we compare his life and achievements to say (to stay in the baseball realm) Cal Ripken Jr., then we shouldn’t be singing J.H.’s praises, we should be calling him a douchebag that makes more money than he is worth.  Giving extra rewards to someone for fucking up their life but eeking out a turn around is like paying your worst employee a bonus the one time he shows up to work not late.

Last example, rewarding someone for not winning.  Funny enough J.H. falls in this category too with his home run derby P.E.  But a better example is our current president.  He was rewarded for almost winning the election by becoming president so that he could build up arguably the worst administration in the history of the United States and dump tax money to large affiliated corporations like it was going out of style.  I only say arguably because some people would argue, but its true.  Then he almost won the war in Iraq and he was rewarded with a Mission Accomplished party, and yet we seem to have accomplished nothing besides dumping a lot of money, life, and international credibility down the drain.  Then he almost won at working 40 hours a week, and was rewarded by taking more vacation than any other president ever.  So congratulation GWB, you are awesome at not winning.

I don’t really have a closing to this.  Only a minor call to action.  The next time you see/read/hear someone being rewarded for overall shittiness, stand up, look them in the eye and say “I’ve got your reward right here!” and then punch them in the face and/or genitalia.

Aug 18
Bait and Switch
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I use bait and switch in the loosest possible terms.  What I really mean is ‘domain name change/theme change/lost my old posts — I changed my blog’.  I think I only baited 1 or 2 people in to reading my blog.  And I’m switching it to a new domain because I like this one better and the other one I’m not going to pay for anymore.

I’m a pretty infrequent poster, but this time I’m going to try and focus more on technical posts.  Or at least try to post them more frequently.  We will see how that goes.