Nov 29
The Circle is a lie
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Death sucks. It comes with a degree of finality our brains rarely encounter in other scenarios. Our brains are great at delusion, acclimation, and routine, and being close to someone who dies wrecks that shop.

I’ll die at some point. My wife will too. I’m (technically my wife is) having my first kid sometime this month, and as morbid as it sounds to mention, he too will die at some point. My brain tries to fall back to its tricks to make me ignore this inescapable truth, but I think accepting and embracing it is a much better option.

Life isn’t a circle. It is an intersection of many short lines. You start, you stop, you encounter people and experience things in between. Make the most of those encounters. Have more experiences.

Our brains make us ignore this because, well, death sucks. So find ways to remind yourself. I’ve made a set of rules for myself anytime I’m reminded of my mortality.

For example, any time I go to a funeral, I do several things that day.

  1. Eat dessert at every meal. Why? Because I might die tomorrow, and I like chocolate, so fuck it, I’m having a fudge brownie for breakfast.
  2. Stop, talk to, and give money to any homeless person I see. Why? Because I’m most likely better off than them, and if they die tomorrow, I at least gave them some companionship and a chance at doing whatever makes them happy that day.
  3. Reach out to my friends and family, Why? Because I’m often lazy at my relationships, and in the end they are all I have.
  4. If something else makes me happy that day, add it to the list. Why? Because the whole point of life is happiness — everyone’s happiness.

It isn’t curing AIDS, or achieving world peace, but to me it seems like a good way to honor someone’s death. By having it be a reminder for me to live.